6 6 days/ 5 nights

More than 70 years Moscow was the capital of the huge Soviet Empire. You will learn about the country, the people, their lives, achievements and outlook.


Day 1

The mysticism of the Soviet era (the bus tour where you will get acquainted with the main sights of the city, the architecture of the Soviet period and the mystical legends about the monumental buildings of the Stalin Moscow).

Day 2

Soviet economic «miracle» - a fascinating tour through the underground «Museum» (metro), the first exhibition platform of the USSR, which for decades was a showcase of achievements of national economy (VDNKH), Ostankino television tower.

Day 3

The horrors of the Soviet era (Lubyanka + House on the Embankment + Gulag Museum). The Terrible time of Stalin's repressions has left its mark in many families of the Soviet people. You will learn the facts and extent of these events.

Day 4

Legends of Soviet sport (Luzhniki + Sports Museum) 1980 Summer Olimpics - how it was. The Golden age of Soviet sport - world records.

Day 5

Soviet art. Central house of Artist / (Modern History Museum, the best - known Russian exhibition area of modern art. Film Studio «Mosfilm» - one of the largest production companies in Europe, where you will see the history of the Soviet cinema.

Day 6

Life of a Soviet man («New dawn»,  chocolate factory «Babaevskiy» / «Red October», Danilovsky market) In  Soviet times, many of the goods not the first necessity was impossible to buy - they simply weren't in the stores. You will have the opportunity to see and even buy «Soviet deficit».

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