Metro ride and Arbat walking

Take a unique chance to visit two genuine symbols of Russia: the Old Arbat Street and the Moscow Metro. This private tour of Moscow takes you on a discovery of the history of the city and provides an insight into how modern Moscow developed.

Discover the beauty of Moscow’s underground – the masterpiece made from marble and granite. See the best examples of underground Soviet-era architecture of Moscow’s metro stations. Visit impressive interiors of Moscow metro stations, which walls are covered with mosaics and frescos, bright thanks to enormous and beautifully designed lamps. Learn how Moscow metro was built, when was it opened, why it has such a gorgeous look. Find out what role did metro play during the war and how does it function nowadays. Visit the most outstanding stations of Red, Green and Ring lines.

You will visit the Old Arbat Street, a pedestrian street located in the historical center of Moscow between Arbatskie Vorota Square and Smolenskaya Square. The Arbat is one of the most famous and oldest streets in the Russian capital and has been celebrated in numerous poems, novels, songs, and movies. Nowadays, the Arbat Street is one of the most expensive and desirable places to live in Moscow..

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